MOGAMI Gold 1/4" Balanced - XLR Male 10ft (3m)

제품코드 AC0415
판매가 55,000원
할인가 55,000원
마일리지 550 원
배송료 무료배송
바로구매 장바구니 위시리스트

- 1/4' Balanced - XLR Male(10ft)
  $44.95 (US)
Balanced patch cable with gold-pin/black body 1/4' TRS and XLR connectors.
1/4 Stereo Plugs to XLR. Made with Mogami quad cable and gold contact TRS and XLR connectors. The finest you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection. 
Mogami has been revered by Audio Professionals for almost 50 years. It is undeniably the standard in Music Recording and Post Production facilities worldwide. Until now Mogami was only available to professionals and then only in large bulk quantities.
Finally, the world’s best cable is available pre-wired, for all live performance and music recording applications.


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