24/192 kHz 4 X Balanced TRS Output Daughter Card for HDSP 9632

제품코드 RS1208
브랜드 RME
판매가 199,800원
할인가 199,800원
마일리지 0 원
배송료 무료배송
RME Intelligent Audio Solutions RME AO4S-192
The AO4S-192 from RME is an expansion daughter board that adds four balanced analog outputs to the Hammerfall DSP 9632. The card operates like any other 24-bit, 192kHz DA-converter except that it is connected internally.

Key Features
Bit Depth 24-bit
Form Factor Plug-In Card
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 112 dB
Technical Features
External Hub Connectors 4 x line out
Frequency Response <1Hz to 70KHz
Max. Sample Rate 192 kHz

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