MS-7701 마이크 스탠드
- Euro Boom Microphone Stand

제품코드 AC4723
원산지 중국
브랜드 On-Stage Stands
판매가 35,000원
할인가 32,000원
마일리지 320 원
배송료 3,000 원




Our best selling stand! Features a steel midpoint locking clutch, 30' removable boom. Tripod base folds flat. Black finish. Ask about our floor display! (Inv. #72037)
Our best selling stand! This Euro Boom boasts a hybrid sheet metal and composite leg housing, making it virtually unbreakable. With a removable boom arm and its ability to fold flat, this stand is a must for every member of the band. Features a zinc mid-point clutch and black finish.


 ㅡ The easy-to-use Euro-Style clutch featured on the boom stands in this series allow for convenient one-handed angle adjustments    on stage.

 ㅡ Tripod base leg housing is made from a combination of plastic and steel that folds for easy storage and travel.


 ㅡ Boom Length: 30”      76  cm

 ㅡ Height Adj.: 36-64”    91 - 160 cm 

 ㅡ Base Spread: 23”      58.5  cm

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